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“A picture is worth a thousand words... which is why the 300+ beautiful photos in Driving & Discovering Maui and Molokai guidebook make this the best available, and a real bonanza for photographers searching for their best island shots. Nobody puts the “guide” in guidebook like Richard Sullivan”


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Driving & Discovering Maui and Molokai guidebook from award winning author and photographer Richard Sullivan, on sale! Each photo is numbered and its exact location pinpointed on an adjacent map, making this Maui and Molokai guidebook your best bet for unforgettable sightseeing and great restaurants, as well as for vacation photography and video.

Driving and Discovering Hawaii, companion website to the award winning Hawaii guidebook series.

Download our famous free Oahu Movie Locations Drive Map, where island filming sites are revealed for LOST, Pearl Harbor and Elvis movies.

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Front cover of Reclaim Your Youth by Richard Sullivan
Sailors and soldiers celebrate VJ Day in Waikiki in 1945
It Bloes Kilauea Volcano Tshirt designed by Richard Sullivan
Los Angeles icon Angelyne at the Hollywood Sign.
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CLEARLY DESIGNED Maui and Molokai Guidebook Table of Contents pages whet your appetite for adventure and discovery with beautiful professional photographs that each point to the page they illustrate. No more wondering, “Where the heck is that place?”

DESTINATION AREA PAGES in the Driving & Discovering Maui and Molokai guidebook are arranged in the order that you will encounter these areas as you drive the designated route. Each destination page includes a detailed map of that area with an inset map of the island to remind you where you are on the island at the moment. Every photograph has a number which correspondingly appears on the accompanying map. You will be able to visit the exact spot where EVERY photo was taken so you can take your best vacation photos and videos ever!

FULL-SIZE TOURING MAPS of each of the 4 Driving Adventures highlight your route in RED, and number in YELLOW the best sights to see along the way. Plus, we include large-size beautiful clear photos of the highlights you’ll see along the route.

WE’VE INCLUDED historic Hawaii material from our private collection in the newest edition of Driving & Discovering Maui and Molokai guidebook to enhance the reader’s understanding of the destination area. Here we have the original 19th century death notice of St. Father Damien of Molokai in the The Illustrated London News. We scheduled our latest trip to Kalaupapa to coincide with Barge Day, the one day a year when bulky goods are delivered to residents. Forget flying into really have to take the mule ride down the nearly 2000 foot pali! It’s an exciting adventure you will not soon forget.

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Photo page from Kalaupapa Leper Colony, Molokai page from Richard Sullivan's Driving & Discovering Hawaii: Maui and Molokai

Waikuku, Maui in 1880

maui guidebook

molokai guidebook

maui guidebook

molokai guidebook

maui guidebook

molokai guidebook

maui guidebook

molokai guidebook