Reclaim Your Youth: Growing Younger After 40. Loss of lean muscle mass is the  major reason we look old, not wrinkles or hair loss. Only you can turn back your own clock clock, via strength training: no magic pill, no secret formula, no bull. Switch to the anti aging lifestyle. Don’t just look younger...

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It’s one thing to write about my workout techniques in a book, but quite a step up to be able to SHOW you exactly what I mean, right here on my new DVD,

Richard Sullivan’s WORKOUT PhD.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your fitness routine, most likely it’s because you’re not performing the exercises correctly, and therefore not mining the fullest potential that each exercise provides.

Let me take you to the gym with me and show you exactly how to perform your workout exercises for greatly accelerated results.

No matter how modest their goals, most people are throwing away more than half their possible gains because of lack of knowledge and improper form and technique.

If you do not have the kind of physique you’ve always wanted, then it’s time to reboot your workout. Don’t give up on working out —give up on ingrained habits that have you working out less than productively.

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The video clips below are taken from Richard Sullivan’s WORKOUT PhD DVD. Click them for a preview of what my new DVD is all about.

Reclaim Your Youth: Growing Younger After 40: Weight loss and diet advice for anti aging straight from the source. Fitness training is by far the most effective of all anti-aging techniques. When we lose fat and gain lean muscle mass, we literally turn back the clock on aging. Richard Sullivan's acclaimed book is praised for it's no B.S. approach. View video from Sullivan's Workout PhD DVD here.

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The Anti-Aging Book That’s Based On Reality, Not On “Magical Thinking.”

Now In Paperback.


“It’s not which exercise you choose that makes all the difference,

it’s how you PERFORM the exercise.”

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Richard Sullivan’s Workout & Aging Strategies Manual

Reclaim Your Youth: Growing Younger After 40:  Growing Old Is A Choice.

Reclaim lost muscle and bone, and become attractive in ways you never thought were still possible.

No bull —and no empty promises: there’s only one way to literally grow younger, and that is via strength training.

If you’re searching for a magic pill, hoping to find the Fountain of Youth, slathering of $90 skin creams, or waiting for some passive and easy route to reclaiming youth, well...good luck with that fantasy.

The scientific fact is, if you’re serious about regaining all your lost muscle and bone, and excited about becoming far more attractive and sexually desirable than you ever thought possible, then you have to strength train.

There are many ways to strength train, at home or at a health club, employing simple dumbbells or high-end gym machines, or at-home products like the very versatile Gym In A Bag by Flexsolate. The fact is, they all get the job done, but the method that appeals to you most will be the one that you will stay with.

Reclaim Your Youth: Growing Younger After 40 teaches you how to strength train safely, yet with greatly accelerated results. Author Richard Sullivan teaches you how to create the all-important mind-to-muscle connection that will propel your results into the stratosphere. There’s no magic to’s simply about maintaining strict focus for the 45 seconds it takes to complete a set, and not zoning out as you train. Richard Sullivan made his greatest gains in strength and muscle mass beginning at age 46. Anti aging isn’t about a botox-paralyzed-face; it’s about true youthfulness...a great-looking, strong, agile and firm body, and the way it moves —both in and out of bed.

Old people don’t fall and break their hips because they’re old. They fall because they’ve lost so much lean muscle mass that they can no longer easily pick up their feet, hold themselves upright for any length of time, or balance themselves. They break their hips because their bones have narrowed and become riddled with voids, drastically weakening their structure. Tufts University studies with very elderly nursing home residents in their late 90s have proven that even into advanced old age, we retain the ability to vastly improve both muscle and bone strength and size.



The Encyclopedia Brittanica defines a pharmaceutical as a "substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease and for restoring, correcting, or modifying organic functions."

Do Supplements Work? Indeed they do, IF you are doing everything right -- sleeping 8 hours, eating for the maximum results, working out at least 3 days a week and preferably more... and I don’t mean just standing around at the gym gabbing, as many do. You should be too out of breath from your exercise activity at the gym to be able to talk —that’s how you know you’re getting a good workout.  I recommend NO2 supplements, creatine and glutamine supplements, and of course most important of all, whey protein. abc

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Without question, it is completely acceptable in our society for sick people to take fist-fulls of physician-prescribed pharmaceuticals in an attempt to offset the damage they've done to themselves as the result of decades of smoking, obesity, stress, alcohol and drug abuse, and other poor lifestyle choices.

However, it is NOT acceptable in our society for healthy individuals to take physician-prescribed pharmaceuticals to further enhance their good health, well being, quality of life, and intelligent lifestyle choices. Even run-of-the-mill supplements have the frustrated wannabes’ tongues lashing in a control-freak fit.

In other words, prescribing pharmaceuticals to people who have worked long and hard to destroy their health is GOOD. But prescribing pharmaceuticals to people who have worked long and hard to remain healthy is BAD.

How upside-down crazy is that?

Recently I saw yet another story, this one in the Los Angeles Times, about Dr. Jeffrey Life, who is known as the "70 year old guy with the 20 year old body." Predictably there was a flurry of negative criticism against this man who is on a medically supervised program of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, as are millions of other people in the US and around the world.

For those who are unaware, as we humans get older, our bodies lose their ability to produce essential hormones. Note the word "essential". HRT is the process of replenishing the natural essential hormones our bodies used to make in copious quantities but no longer do. Women can experience terrible physical and emotional symptoms as they approach menopause, and HRT can go a long way in improving their situation. For men, the positive results of HRT can be just as miraculous, by reinvigorating libido, increasing lean muscle mass, instilling a general feeling of well-being, and increasing energy, strength and stamina.

Now, who would ever guess that so many people, even some doctors, seem to think HRT is a bad idea? Is it everyone's ultimate goal to become fat, weak, immobile, depressed and to no longer have a reason to live as they age?

Those women who are considering HRT but are concerned about the reported increased risk in heart disease or breast cancer need to understand that they are already at FAR greater risk for these diseases if they are obese, if they smoke, or if they have an alcohol or substance abuse problem. Millions of people smoke and say "to hell with the risk." Millions of people are obese and say "to hell with the risk." For women suffering severe symptoms of menopause, they need to consider the true risks of their decision, or indecision, especially compared to the frightening risks of obesity or smoking.

Millions of men are taking a medically prescribed pharmaceutical for hair loss called Propecia. How serious an issue is a receding hairline compared to the swift downhill slide of debilitating aging, and the inherent loss of strength, vitality, muscle mass, libido and overall sense of well being? "I want my hair back, but not my youth"? And what about Viagra? Society applauds a medically prescribed pharmaceutical that makes my penis hard but condemns a medically prescribed pharmaceutical that increases my desire to actually put that same erection to use? That's insanity.

What this and all hypocrisy is about, is the fear of being left behind, of looking bad in comparison. People who have never exercised, eaten sensibly or refrained from inhaling toxic substances are so damaged and incapacitated by their 40s, —a decade when the chickens truly come home to roost— that some are deeply threatened by those who have lived their lives judiciously. It's humiliating enough for them to share the same air with people their own age whose vibrant health and comparative youthfulness shines a naked spotlight on their decades of self destructive lifestyle choices. But for the "health nuts" to want to take advantage of pharmaceuticals to become even better, stronger and more agile widens the chasm between the two groups to an intolerable level.

My grandmother always said "the person who is criticizing you is telling the world much more about themselves than they are about you." People who are in physical distress and decline by their own hand who attempt to belittle contemporaries who are clearly light years superior to them physically —and by default, emotionally as well— look downright stupid, but lack the intelligence to even realize it.

Be aware that troubled aging men and women who have abused their health can feel very threatened by contemporaries who by their example, shine a light on their own bad decisions. There is no greater regret than the lost opportunities of an old man or old lady. You have to decide what's best for you as regards your future. And that means walking away from those who do not want you to thrive, or worse, are actively trying to prevent you from thriving.

If you are interested in HRT, the place to start is a consult with a specialist whose area of expertise is focused, and his knowledge up to the minute. Not everyone can tolerate HRT, and for your information I myself cannot. But if my docs can find some way to get me back on HRT safely, I will jump at the chance.

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